3 Best Apps for Fashion Illustration

Every designer loves illustrating on paper, brush, and pencil, but now, every designer has an iPad in hand equipped with fun drawing apps. Get fashion illustrations done on the go using portable devices. The real challenge is to find the right apps that will help you design like a pro. Here are three of the best apps that we believe will assist you with fashion illustration.


1. Autodesk Sketchbook

This is one of the most preferred and realistic apps that is now available on app store for fashion illustration for iPad users. There are plenty of brushes and strokes available to choose from. There's a natural feel to the colors and the drawing. If you are using the same app on a different device, iPad app syncs with it and retrieves your fashion illustration in progress. This app is free to download but has several in-app purchases enabled.


2. Adobe Illustrator Draw 

This sleek app has 4 set of the brush to choose from with no textures unless you create them yourself. Colors, opacity and tip size are adjustable. Adobe Illustrator Draw lets you create beautiful vector designs and sync them across Adobe Creative Cloud on desktop and mobile. the interface is modern and simple to use. Adobe is a dominating player in the world of design related apps and software. Whether you like to draw flat sketches or freehand fashion sketches, Adobe Illustrator Draw is a great tool for fashion illustration.

3. Paper by FiftyThree

Another one of our favorite apps for fashion illustration as well as taking notes is Paper by FiftyThree. This was, in fact, one of the first drawing apps with a pencil and is still a great option for fashion illustration. This free app can be used to write notes, and has auto-correction features incorporated. The paper by FiftyThree was crowned iPad App of the Year a few years back too. The app was later acquired by we transfer and the objective behind the paper was to help bring ideas to life with utmost simplicity. This app is great to sketch your ideas on the go and also get inspired by their templates too.

A bonus app recommendation for fashion sketching and to create illustrations are Adobe Photoshop Sketch app. Like the other apps, this too has a selection of brushes to choose from. All of the above apps are available on the iOS app store and are mostly free to use.

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